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What is a Pitmaster and why do I need one?

If you have ever had an indoor sump basin in your basement you know all too well the problems associated with directing outside rain water from under the flooring and outside perimeter to the inside, just to be pumped back outside. Water follows a path of least resistance, therefore cracks or joints in the basement design that haven't been sealed are also susceptible to water infiltration. The Pitmaster design has eliminated so many of the common problems associated with standard sump basin systems that it virtually makes the indoor sump basin obsolete.

The Pitmaster keeps the rainwater outside where it belongs, directing under floor and perimeter drainage to a basin installed outside the basement wall. A special patented valve is installed in the floor drainage to keep the water from re-entering your drainage tile. It takes very little added effort to seal the basement from outside on new construction, leaving your home completely separated from outside water buildup. An alarm system installed on the Pitmaster offers added security to let you know of any pump failure long before rainwater has a chance to cause inside damage. Battery backups are also available for the Pitmaster pump, keeping your system up and running even during an electrical outage.

Another very serious issue is the fact that in traditional indoor sump basin installation, not only is outside water directed into the home, but an unobstructed pathway for radon gas is created. The radon works its way up into the atmosphere, and like ground water, will find the path of least resistance. This effect in association with an indoor sump basin can actually create a type of chimney draw that actually sucks the radon into your home. According to the EPA, radon gas contributes significantly to health risks involving lung cancer.

These are the most obvious of reasons to include a Pitmaster in your new home construction plans. Keeping moisture away from the inside of your home greatly reduces the effects of rot and decay associated with prolonged issues involving moisture. An indoor sump basin is clearly an outdated idea that leaves you with an open inside pit, perfect for harboring bacteria and promoting the growth of mold and mildew. The patented design of the Pitmaster lends itself easy to install and maintain from the outside of your home, where it belongs.

The entire principle of the Pitmaster is to keep the moisture outside where it accumulates and pump it to a drainage area without exposing moisture or gases into your basement. This concept in design is far superior in eliminating your basement of moisture than any other method available today

The Pitmaster

Finally, a sump basin installed where it should be. Outside!

Our exterior sump basin is light weight yet strong enough to out last the life of the structure. Complete with riser packages to bring basin to ground level. Installation is easy.  Available as a complete packaged unit including the Pitmaster, weathertite electrical components with alarm, submersible pump, inlet check valve, complete hardware, and installation guide. Also available as separate components or packaged per your application.

The Pitmaster may be located practically anywhere. The basin's flat sidewalls allow for easy pipe penetrations and total flexibility. A float controlled check valve is available for interior footer drain lines. The basin is also ideal for crawl space. Servicing the equipment is more convenient and safe.

The Inlet Check Valve
The inlet check valve was designed to prevent excessive hydrostatic pressures from building up underneath the concrete floor. The valve should be used when both interior and exterior footing drains enter the same basin. The valve is located on the interior footing drain inside the basin.

Electrical Package
Weathertite electrical disconnect and junction box with indoor tank alert alarm, specifically designed for use with the Exterior Sump Basin.
NEMA 4X enclosure with hinged door
Separate Alarm and pump control circuit
Receptacle for pump and pump circuit (120 V)
Tank Alert(r) provides high or low level alarm
Custom engineered Liquid-tight cable seal
SignalMaster(r) provides alarm activation
Electrical conduit hub

The choice is clear.
The Pitmaster is the future.

ESP Corporation is dedicated in creating the industry standards involving rainwater management technology.