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What do I need to order
Lay out your installation.


If used as an interior Sewage Basin, you will need a 00150 Basin package. Package includes, Basin, Steel Lid, Cord Seal, one 4" EPDM Piping Gasket, three 2" EDPM Piping Gaskets, RTV Sealant, Anti-Skid Pad, Lid / Riser Gasket, 8 Bolt Set, 4 Bolt Set, and 2" Schedule 40 Long Sweep 90° Elbow.


If used on the exterior or with a Riser section(s), you will need to order:

1) 00150 Basin Package (Same as above).
2) 00200 Series Riser, available in one through six-foot lengths. (If more than six feet, you will need two sections of Riser.)  Each Riser section includes one Lid / Riser Gasket and one 8 Bolt Set.


1) 00175 Anti-Floatation Pad. Used to stabilize Basin.
2) 00310 Stainless Steel Lid. (Lid included in Basin Package is 10-Gauge Powder Coated Steel.)
3) 00401 Inlet Check Valve. (Used on interior floor drain tile inlet when multiple inlets are brought to an exterior Sump Basin.
4) 00502 2" EPDM Piping Gasket if an additional discharge, vent, or electrical piping is needed. (Three 2" EPDM Gaskets are included in the Basin Package.)
5) 00504 4" EPDM Piping Gasket if additional inlets are needed. (One 4" EPDM Gasket is included in Basin Package.)
6) 00601 Alarm Package. Includes Disconnect and Alarm.
7) 00700 1/2 H.P. Submersible Pump with 20' cord. (For Sump and Effluent. Not for Sewage.)
8) 00801 Pump Rope 15'.
9) 00840 Insulator Pad. (For Soundproofing and Insulating.)
10) 00870 Debris Net Package that includes Net and Hardware.