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About Us

Sometimes a new product comes along that makes our current way of of dealing with a situation obsolete. We here at the ESP Corporation feel that the Pitmaster is one such product. Not only does it create a much more efficient and practical way to manage rainwater and underground moisture, but it addresses the problem of bacteria, mold, and radon infiltration. We haven't even mentioned the added space and improved aesthetics to your living environment. The possibilities of utilizing the Pitmaster in excess water/moisture management are endless. It's the perfect choice for moisture in crawl spaces, and under homes built on concrete slabs. Installing a Pitmaster outside the foundation to capture moisture from crawl spaces provides a much safer and accessible area to maintenance your moisture problems.

Points to Consider

The Pitmaster keeps rainwater and underground moisture outside where it belongs giving you the ability to seal your basement from exterior moisture from the outside.

The Patented design of the Pitmaster affords you extra time in the event of pump, float, piping failure, or electrical outages. We offer an alarm system to notify you of any mechanical failures as well as pumps with battery backups.

By installing the Pitmaster outside, radon looses a potential entry to your home, the interior sump pit. By eliminating the interior sump pit, you eliminate completely the potential of radon infiltration from that source.

With the Pitmaster located outside, you create a usable area in your basement that previously would have housed an interior sump pump, an open pit to the moisture around and under your home. The perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mildew.

Considering the above advantages as well as the fact that most insurance companies do not cover structure or property damage due to rain water flooding, its a small investment in the appreciation of your new home and your peace of mind.

So..... you tell us. The ESP Corporation is dedicated in being the technological leader in rainwater collection systems, catering to the health conscious consumer. Your questions and concerns are important to us. We will be glad to answer any of your remaining questions concerning this revolutionary patented design in rainwater management. Just drop us a line from our contact page and someone will be in touch with you.

The ESP Corporation would like to thank you for your interest in the Pitmaster and for taking the time in making an informed, health conscious decision regarding rain water management in your new or existing home.