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Does any of this sound familiar....... ???
Damage to basement furnishings and structure due to sump pump failure.
The smell of mold and mildew in the basement.
An unusable area of your basement due to sump pump placement.
You fear basement flooding during moderate to heavy rains.

Are you concerned about........
The presence of Radon gas in your living environment.
An area of your home that actively promotes the growth of bacteria including mold and mildew.
The value of your home being depreciated because of moisture problems in your basement.
The fact that many insurance agencies do not cover rainwater flood damage, including sump pump failure.
If you can answer yes to any of the above statements, you need to take a look at a revolutionary alternative in rain water management.

Designed by the ESP Corporation for the health conscious consumer, Pitmaster is the practical and safe alternative to interior sump pumps.

The Pitmaster keeps rainwater where it belongs

Routing rainwater inside a basement to pump it out again, as in the use of a conventional sump pump, is not an efficient or healthy solution to rain water management. Keeping rainwater outside and routing it to an area away from the house with the Pitmaster is efficient, healthy, as well as a smart investment in your new or existing home.
By utilizing the Pitmaster and its patented design, you are helping to prevent immediate damage to your basement interior from piping failure or electrical outages. You also eliminate the interior sump pump, an obvious direct point of entry for radon gas to your living environment. The Pitmaster is also ideal for conditions where moisture is a problem in crawl spaces or under slab foundations.
The goal of the ESP Corporation is to remain a technological leader in rainwater collection systems, providing a superior system for the health conscious consumer.
Please take the time to make an informed decision regarding rain water management in your new or existing home and remember the name......

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